There is temporary fencing and permanent fencing. In a scenario where you want a quality fencing, the permanent fencing is highly advocated for since this type of fence can last for many years since they are constructed with materials that are of high quality. For one to acknowledge the importance of quality fencing for livestock, you must have a plan depending on the size of the land you have and the materials that will be used during fencing. 

  1. Protection of livestock

Fences of high quality may render a secure and safe environment where you can secure your livestock. When a person has constructed a quality fence, the livestock are able to graze freely and the owner has no fears of the livestock escaping to nearby farm where they may destroy crops or veer off to roads nearby where they may result to accidents. These fences also protect your animals from predators.

  1. It assists in livestock management

When quality fences are constructed, it provides a great containment structure where you are able to control your livestock and keep them within a particular area. These containment measures offer security and privacy from animal and human intruders. It also helps in the management and keeping track of the livestock breeding and also their produce as they have been confined well.

  1. It is a legal requirement so as to avoid trespassing

When the livestock are confined in one place, you will have good relationships with your neighbors since the livestock are not trespassing to their lands where they may wander and cause damages thus leading to territorial disputes. This containment shows the importance of quality fencing for livestock since no one will report you to the authorities because your livestock caused damages in their lands.

  1. Fencing provides service functions such as provision of shade and wind protection.

Shade is important for livestock in that it reduces heat stress particularly in the dry season resulting in higher weight gain, milk production and reproductive rates such as in cattle.

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits that arise from construction of a quality fence and that is why people should be encouraged on the importance of quality fencing for livestock. Hence it is evident that taking time to construct a quality fence for your livestock goes a long way to ensuring that your livestock do well. It also makes it easier for the owner to take care of them in an easier way. It is a positive step to actualize quality fencing for your livestock.

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